Business Planning

What often distinguishes great companies from the rest of the pack is their ability to combine a bold vision of the future with a sound strategy and consistent implementation.

Unfortunately, few companies achieve this level of excellence. Most either have difficulty conveying their vision in simple terms or they lack a clear strategic plan of how to achieve their objectives. And without a vision or a strategy, it is extraordinarily difficult to write a compelling business plan that can convince investors and lenders of the value of their business. The net result is an underperforming and underfunded organization.

Evans & Evans help managers and business owner avoid this result by working with you to develop action-based strategies and comprehensive business plans.

If you are currently seeking capital and require a business plan, Evans & Evans can provide you with a one-stop, complete solution. If you have an existing business plan, we can review your plan and advise you on how to improve your document to better meet the needs of investors and lenders. If you don’t have a business plan, our services include the preparation of a comprehensive business plan and financial projections as well as the creation of supporting documents such as PowerPoint presentations and other marketing materials.

If you need to develop a strategic plan, Evans & Evans’ senior team members engage in face-to-face consultations that help you identify long-term objectives and develop a roadmap for how to achieve those objectives. This strategic road map not only helps you focus your resources by ensuring that members of your organization are working towards the same goals, it also helps you assess and adjust your tactical operations in response to an ever-changing environment.

Evans & Evans is also able to work effectively with your website and social networking teams to create integrated solutions.