Industry and Market Research

By failing to conduct a rigorous market analysis, companies all too often under-commit resources and overestimate opportunities before blindsided by better informed competitors.

Evans & Evans uses a variety of customized market, product and competitive research initiatives to provide you with insight into the dynamics of your target market. Through this process, you develop a better understanding not only of your own strengths and weakness but also of the opportunities and threats in the marketplace. This allows you to make more informed business decisions resulting in products and services that more closely match your customers’ needs.

Evans & Evans’ approach to market research involves a three step process:

Collection and Compilation
Evans & Evans uses customized methods and procedures to collect data on your market, products and competitors. These methods include telephone, email and online surveys as well as more involved methods such as qualitative interviews. As trained interviewers, we ensure that our research addresses your specific questions and objectives.

Analysis and Forecasting
Once the data has been compiled, Evans & Evans uses proprietary models and techniques to analyze the data and create reasonable projections and forecasts. We assess your competitive position in the marketplace and detect any relevant trends, threats and opportunities that you need to be aware of.

Reporting and Recommendations
Evans & Evans then prepares formal reports – including tables, charts and graphs – which present market, economic and statistical data in a clear and meaningful way – something that is particularly important if you are trying to secure funding from investors and lenders. These reports provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions on the branding, pricing, promotional and distribution strategies for your products or services. This information will also help you evaluate the viability of extending product lines, opening new branches or otherwise diversifying your company’s operations.

The team at Evans & Evans can become a cost effective and efficient way to outsource this strategically critical business environment.