Going Public

Evans & Evans, Inc. provides critical advice and assistance to our clients that are considering going public. Many clients, while being experienced and knowledgeable business managers, are unfamiliar and uncomfortable going through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or Reverse Take-Over (RTO) process. We guide our clients through the IPO, RTO and Capital Pool Company (CPC) process to ensure that the most appropriate underwriter is selected and a favorable valuation and financing is achieved. We provide the following advice:

  • Evaluating the business and helping to address any structural or operating issues
  • Performing a preliminary valuation based on relevant market criteria
  • Developing company material to attract the most appropriate underwriter or broker
  • Leveraging our relationships with the leading underwriters to ensure proper consideration and financing
  • Organizing the interview process with interested underwriters
  • Advising clients throughout the marketing and documentation process
  • Helping clients attract management to round out the team for going public
  • Helping to recruit and structure the Board and Directors
  • Assisting in the establishment and maintenance of an effective short and long-term investor relations strategy