Outsourced Management

Companies – at almost any stage of their development – may need to execute a financial transaction such as a public offering or an acquisition. But these companies don’t have adequate in-house resources to execute the transaction in an effective manner. And building such resources internally consumes far too much time and money to make good business sense.

For companies in these situations, Evans & Evans provides a solution. By taking advantage of Evans & Evans’ outsourced management services, companies can outsource their corporate management activities on an interim basis via Evans & Evans’ network of senior executives, who are specialists in many markets and industries. Evans & Evans’ senior executives serve as interim Executive Management and help the client work through the transaction. Once the transaction has been successfully completed, Evans & Evans helps the client appoint a qualified individual to takeover the position on a full time basis.

The strategic benefits of Evans & Evans’ outsourced management are substantial. Perhaps most importantly, companies are able to take advantage of our extensive experience in various industry sectors. With many years of experience, Evans & Evans’ corporate team has successfully executed many IPO’s, mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructurings and related transactions. By relying on our team to perform these activities, therefore, the client is able to obtain world-class expertise without having to invest in the costly infrastructure necessary to build these capabilities in-house. And as a direct result of these savings, the Company is free to more effectively use its resources by focusing on the development of core competencies.

Refer to Our Team section for backgrounds on some of the Evans & Evans’ executives available to address your outsourcing needs.