Design Sportswear Ltd.

Design-Sportswear - case study

Target Company: Design Sportswear Ltd. (“Design Sportswear”)

Vendor: Charles Duncan Roberts (“Roberts”)

Purchaser: Industry Purchaser

Transaction Date: April 5, 2010

Company Description: Design Sportswear is Western Canada’s largest independent textile screen printer and specialty print applicator which offers specialty print applications for t-shirts, garments, and textiles.

Transaction: Roberts sold a two-thirds interest in Design Sportswear to the Industry Purchaser.

Role of Evans & Evans: Evans & Evans, Inc. acted as the Lead Advisor to Roberts over the period June 2009 to March 2010, providing services including:

  • Preparing a corporate overview that includes a review of corporate valuation
  • Introducing potential working partners in Canada and outside of Canada that would acquire a stake in Design Sportswear
  • Identifying purchasers of Design Sportswear
  • Advising on potential deal structures and negotiating terms of the transaction
  • Managing the closing of the transaction including liaising with lawyers, accountants, and other professionals