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Gerald is well known for his innovative and creative campaign-based approach to solving a broad range of complex matters that growing companies face in unlocking exponential growth in enterprise value. Gerald has focused on developing a deep knowledge base and investment banking skill set worldwide, advising international clients with a specific focus on renewable sustainability in emerging markets in the past 20 years.

Gerald is currently the Managing Partner of TCT Environmental, Senior Partner of TCT Capital and advisor to the Board of TCT Group based in Taiwan. Over the years Gerald has acted in a capacity as Executive Director China for Via Motors, and EV/PHEV company developing green commercial electric vehicles. Gerald is the founder of Equinox Energy and Borderline Capital Asia, a global advisory and investment banking group with offices in Toronto, New York, Paris and Beijing. Formerly Gerald also served as the President of Investment Banking for a prominent offshore bank in the Caribbean. He is currently a Strategic Advisor to JUCCCE “Joint US China Co-operation On Clean Energy,” a global non-governmental organization. Gerald is a regular keynote speaker at global energy and i-banking conferences.